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Tennis Court Sports Stand


The Avant Sports Stands are premium seating solutions designed for tennis courts, football stadiums, and basketball arenas. These grandstands offer comfortable seating arrangements for spectators, enhancing their viewing experience during sporting events.

Type: Sports Stand
Suitable for: Tennis courts, football stadiums, basketball arenas

Varies based on seating capacity and configuration. Example: 100 feet (length) x 30 feet (width) x 20 feet (height)

Weight varies depending on the size and materials used. Example: 10,000 pounds

Constructed from high-quality and durable materials such as steel and aluminum

Color: Silver

Customizable seating configurations to accommodate different venue sizes
Weather-resistant coatings for outdoor use
Safety features including safety rails and non-slip surfaces
Easy installation with a modular design

Professional installation recommended for proper setup and safety compliance

What’s Included:
Avant Tennis Court Sports Stand, Football Stadium Grandstand, or Basketball Grandstand (Quantity as per order)

Compatible with various sports venues including tennis courts, football stadiums, and basketball arenas