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Speed Racing Bikes


Experience the thrill of speed and precision with our Speed Racing Bikes. Engineered for performance and agility, these bikes are designed to push the limits of your riding capabilities. Whether you’re tearing up the track or navigating winding roads, our speed racing bikes deliver the ultimate adrenaline rush for riders seeking excitement and speed.


Frame Material: Lightweight aluminum alloy or carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700c
Gear System: High-performance Shimano or SRAM gearing
Brake Type: Disc brakes for reliable stopping power
Suspension: Rigid frame for maximum efficiency


Varies based on bike model and frame size


Approximately 15 to 20 poundsĀ 


Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy or carbon fiber for optimal strength and weight savings
Aerodynamic frame design minimizes wind resistance for enhanced speed


Available in a variety of sleek and vibrant color options


Lightweight and responsive frame provides agile handling and efficient power transfer
Precision-engineered gearing system ensures smooth and seamless shifting for maximum speed and efficiency
Disc brakes offer reliable stopping power in all weather conditions, enhancing safety and control
Aerodynamic frame geometry and components minimize drag for increased speed and efficiency
Designed for competitive racing or spirited rides on challenging terrain


Minimal assembly required; bikes come partially assembled with detailed instructions for final setup

What’s Included:

1 Speed Racing Bike


Suitable for riders of various skill levels and racing disciplines