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Seated Row Fitness Machine


Experience comprehensive strength training with the Zhaoyang Sports Fitness Seated Row Machine. Crafted for durability and versatility, this heavy-duty multi-function training machine is designed to target and strengthen key muscle groups including the back, arms, and core. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this equipment provides a challenging and effective workout, making it an indispensable addition to any home or commercial gym.

Brand: Zhaoyang Sports
Type: Seated Row Machine
Functionality: Multi-function training machine

Size: Dimensions vary based on model
Example: 45 inches (length) x 30 inches (width) x 40 inches (height)
Weight: Weight varies depending on the specific model
Example: Approximately 150 pounds

Constructed from robust materials such as heavy-duty steel and high-quality cushioned upholstery, this seated row machine ensures stability, comfort, and longevity. Its sturdy construction supports intense workout sessions, while the cushioned seat and handles offer comfort and support during use.

Color: Gray

Adjustable seat and handles for personalized comfort and fit
Multiple grip options for targeting various muscle groups
Smooth and quiet operation for a seamless workout experience
Compact design for space-saving storage
Suitable for both home and commercial gym environments

The Zhaoyang Sports Fitness Seated Row Machine includes straightforward assembly instructions for quick and easy setup. No specialized tools are required, ensuring hassle-free assembly.

What’s Included:
Zhaoyang Sports Fitness Seated Row Machine
Assembly instructions

This seated row machine is designed for strength training enthusiasts of all levels and is compatible with various fitness goals and workout routines. Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, improve strength, or enhance overall fitness, this multi-function training machine offers the versatility and performance needed to achieve your fitness objectives.