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Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket


Take your tennis game to the next level with our Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket. Engineered for performance and precision, this racket combines the latest in carbon fiber technology with advanced design features to enhance your tennis experience. Whether you’re a competitive player seeking an edge on the court or a recreational player looking for improved control and power, our carbon fiber racket delivers unmatched performance and style.

Frame Material: High-quality carbon fiber composite
Head Size: Standard head size for optimal balance of power and control
String Pattern: Typically features an open string pattern for enhanced spin potential
Grip Size: Available in various grip sizes to accommodate different hand sizes

Length: Standard length, approximately 27 inches
Head Size: Typically ranges from 95 to 105 square inches

Weight: Varies depending on model and specifications, typically ranging from 9.9 to 11.3 ounces (unstrung)

Constructed from premium-grade carbon fiber composite for lightweight strength and stability.

Color: Blue

Advanced Carbon Fiber Construction: Utilizes the latest in carbon fiber technology to optimize power, control, and stability.
Enhanced Performance: Engineered for maximum power and spin potential, allowing you to dominate rallies and outmaneuver opponents.
Comfortable Grip: Ergonomically designed handle with a cushioned grip for superior comfort and control during play.
Durable and Lightweight: Carbon fiber construction provides exceptional durability while maintaining a lightweight feel for effortless maneuverability.
Vibration Dampening: Incorporates advanced dampening technologies to minimize vibrations and reduce arm fatigue during intense matches.
Customizable String Tension: Allows for personalized string tension adjustments to suit your playing style and preferences.
Professional Grade: Trusted by professional players and endorsed by top tennis professionals for its exceptional performance and reliability.

Ready to use with strings pre-installed; simply adjust string tension to your preference.

What’s Included:
1 Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Compatible with standard tennis balls and other tennis equipment.